Paris Charles De Gaulle for FS2004:

Screenshots of our new Paris CDG scenery developed by Thorsten Loth.

Paris CDG is the number one airport of Paris and France. This airport is the gateway to France (and Europe) for millions of passengers every year.


  • to built an exact rendition of the airport we took photos with ADP (Aeroports de Paris)
    authorization also at the apron side
  • each of the three terminal areas (Terminal1; Terminal 2 A,B,C,D,E,F; Terminal 3) is rebuilt
    according to the real buildings
  • nearly every building of this huge airport, like the cargo area, post area, Total gas
    station and power plant at terminal 1 is rebuilt
  • exact rendition of the hotel and office buildings of the "Roissypole area" (La Dome,
    Air France administration, train station, hotels...)
  • use of newest design techniques (Gmax, XML)
  • 57 (!) animated jetways that can be individually started by setting the corresponding
    NAV2 frequency (listed in the manual)
  • all hangar doors at the Air France maintanance area can be opened by setting a NAV2
    frequency (To ensure that you find a good night parking for your Concorde :-))
  • ground scenery based on FS2004 default aerial pictures enhanced with higher
    resoluted aerial pictures
  • high resolution ground textures on taxiways and apron
  • numerous additional and authentic details like fire fighting trucks, shuttles, pushback
    tucks, stairs, baggage cars...
  • use of AI-traffic and static aircrafts at the same time is possible
  • fantastic night lighting
  • reflecting glas fassades and metal roofs
  • at nearly every parking position you can call a marshaller by setting the special NAV2
    frequency (similar to the real procedure in CDG today)
  • visuell docking system is rebuilt (according to reality)
  • layout of taxiways with CATI and III stops, taxiway markings and wigwags rebuilt after
    actual aerial pictures
  • authentic border lighting at the taxiways (reflecting posts and normal taxiway lights)
  • the taxiways crossing the A1 motorway are rebuilt as bridges
  • lots of animated cars provide an unbeatable relistic representation
  • manual (PDF) in german, english and french
  • comtatible with new VFR scenery "Flightparis Base Pack "Ile de France"

System Requirements:
Pentium 2 Ghz
3D Graphicboard with min. 64MB Ram
512 MB Ram
80 MB harddisk space
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Adobe Acrobat reader to read the manual

  This scenery is made for FS2004 only.
Some shown aircrafts are part of the "MyTraffic" and other add ons.

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